The dutch have given us many great things and The HotTug is no exception. The unique idea came to Frank de Bruijn when he wanted a swimming enclosure beside his canal boat to enjoy through all the highs and lows of Rotterdam’s weather. who works on a barge in the port of Rotterdam: “It’s much more than a boat, it’s a vessel with different options. When the tug is filled, there is only a narrow rim between you and the water, making you feel at one with your surroundings.” 

Frank’s long experience of wood stoves while living and working on his own barge helped him to develop a wood-burning underwater stove. This is what heats the 1800 litres of water in the HotTug to a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees F.) in a few hours. The HotTug is constructed from wood and fitted with glass-fibre reinforced polyester. The stove is made of stainless steel and has a double-walled pipe. The HotTug is powered by a built-in electric motor so is very quiet. 


It all started back in 2017 when Stuart “Tommo” Thomson was enjoying a break in the Dutch city and saw them cruising down the canals. Immediately he knew he had to get these to the UK, as they would be as much of a hit in London.

When friends and family loved the idea too, Tommo knew he was onto something and decided to share the love and raise the money required to bring HotTug to the UK with a Crowdfunder campaign. It was clear that people were very behind the idea with the £10,000 goal being smashed within the first week and the campaign resulting with an amazing £30,469 raised by 221 supporters.

Since the experience launched in July 2017, thousands of happy customers have enjoyed trips on the Hot Tugs, giving rave 5* reviews and Hot Tug UK featured in the likes of The Metro, Time Out, ITV and many more cool places.

With aspirations to expand, co-founders Tommo and Austin felt it was time to step things up a notch, and in May 2019 the company rebranded to Skuna.



Our aim is to still reflect the Scandinavian roots of the original Hot Tug boat, whilst enabling us to broaden our scope to other one-of-a-kind boat experiences.

Which nicely leads us onto the launch of the Skuna BBQ Boat in June 2019 - the BBQ boat is expertly designed (the only boat of its kind in the UK) and is exactly how it sounds; a BBQ on a boat!

“The BBQ boat is another UK first and we are very excited to bring another completely novel and unique experience to London" Tommo, Skuna co-founder

“The BBQ Boat offers you the unique experience of barbequing with friends and family while enjoying a cold drink. All this while sailing on the water and taking in Canary Wharf's breath-taking views. The circular shape of the boat means that everyone is facing each other for a more inclusive dining experience." Austin, Skuna co-founder  

Our Hot Tub Boats and BBQ Boats are the perfect way to create unique, fun and memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy.  We are passionate about fun and are working hard to bring Skuna boat experiences to waterways across the UK and Ireland in the coming years.  We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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     Austin Mackle,                                             Sophia Wallis,                            Stuart "Tommo" Thomson,             Anna Thorp,
Operations Manager                                     Marketing Manager                               Founder                                    On site First Mate