Where To Eat In West India Quay: Yummy Food Stalls Part 1


Sun's out............ so eat out !  Make the most of the sun and join hundreds having lunch on the quayside and watch the world float by!  Need some breezy air away from the desk? Feeling peckish before Cineworld cinema?   Every Tues-Fri at 11.30am-2pm, delicious and quirky independent KERB food traders provide delightful munch at West India Quay.  This week, in the first of a 2-part series, I will show just SOME of the bites to try.  


Spud Brothers (Tues)


Lets start with our first image- it looks amazing but what is it ?!  The nation's favourite vegetable of course (potato)- with a few scrumptious extras.  This is the KOREAN BBQ SHORTRIB, SRIRACHA, PEANUT, SESAME, and CORIANDER topped fries.  There is also colston basset stilton, celery, and hot sauce topped fries, and for those rare few- BLACK PUDDING BUBBLE & SQUEAL CROQUETTES.  You know who you are.

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Greedy Khao (WED)


Greedy Khao (means rice in Thai) blasts together classic Thai dishes but with a twist... it is all plant-based!  This vegan friendly street-eatery maintains bold and authentic flavours- the picture above is their RED CURRY with DEEP FRIED TOFU PUFFS mixed among chunks of BUTTERNUT SQUASH.  It's about Thaime (time?) you checked them out!  

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Tongue ‘n Cheek (THU)


Burger lovers, please MEAT Tongue 'N Cheek, and especially their Italian-inspired Heartbreaker Belly Connection Burger: 50% OX heart and 50% dry aged NATIVE BEEF with PORK BELLY, GORGONZOLA CHEESE, PIMENTO MAYO, PICKLED ONIONS, and ROCKET.  Also roaring from the wood-fired oven; succulent PHILLY CHEESTEAK and crunchy ROSEMARY FRIES.

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Kaki Lima (Fri)


We've shown you brothers, now for two sisters; Kaki Lima is a dual-family team cooking Indonesian childhood-recipe street food.  The SOTO is a traditional noodle soup made with an aromatic 8-hour broth with chicken or jackfruit.  
Throw some rice noodles, beansprouts, boiled egg and tofu puffs, topped with herbs, spring onion, crispy potatoes, fried shallots and their signature SAMBAL.  YES-YES.  Slurp-up!

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There are many more KERB street-food stalls and this is just a tiny sample! Check back next week for our second installment of wharf-side treats!