Where To Eat In West India Quay: Yummy Food Stalls Part 2


Welcome back!  Maybe you are enjoying the very hot weather, maybe you've just seen the Incredibles 2 at Cineworld cinema.  If you are hungry, every Tues-Fri at 11.30am-2pm, delicious and quirky independent KERB food traders provide ravishing food at West India Quay.  This week, I will round off part-2 of my delicious guide to street food at KERB.  




BOMBAI- The modern Indian eatery.  Look at all that colour!  This is the Brown & Red Rice, Side salad, a Purple Raita Slaw, Mint Coriander Pesto and Red Chilli Chutney Mayo.  

With choice of either:

Roasted Root Vegs & Paneer (in Mum’s Curry sauce)
Stir fried Jackfruit with Peppers
Pulled South-Indian Chicken
6-hours slow-cooked Kashmiri Lamb

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Bag yourself a BIG Brilliant burger at Baggio Burger- their signature 28 day dry aged Chuck Steak patty with Garlic and Balsamic, topped with melted Mozzarella, crispy Parma Ham, sundried Tomato relish & Rocket, served in a brioche bun.  And for you that prefer chicken, you are covered; the Milano Melt- Deep fried Chicken thigh coated in Milanese style breadcrumbs, Parmesan shavings, Mozzarella, and Vesuvio hot sauce

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Story:  It starts with Olive Oil from the family's OLIVE GROVE!  Cute!  Now Kalimera serves us Wholemeal Pitta Wraps Souvlaki- Chicken, Lamb, or Haloumi (All with Hummus and Tzatziki).  Or push out the boat and a Kalimera Boxget-Two Sizzling Skewers of Chicken, Lamb, or Halloumi (or mixed!), Chickpea, Olive & Sun-dried Tomato salad, Paprika Potatoes, Pitta and Dips.

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makatcha (Fri)


All the Rendang you could wish for! Rendang is an Indonesian dish cooked in Coconut Cream, Lemon grass, Galangal, Kaffir lime leaves, served on a bed of Rice, fresh Vegetables topped with Malaysian Peanut Sauce and Singapore Achar, a Sweet/Sour pickle.  The variety includes Beef, Chicken, or Chickpeas and Mushroom (Vegan).  Pumpkin not included!!

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There are many more KERB street-food stalls and again this is just a handful! Try them all out, who knows.... you might find a new favourite dish!